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desarrollo de aplicaciones informáticas


The great technical level  of our team, combined with their huge experience  are the base that hold up our developing services of our software app´s that suit the customer requirements.


Elaboración de informes periciales


Development of expert teports on the Telecommunication Engineering field, Informatics that can be used as legal evidences at the trial´s.

Court assistancy as legal experts.

consultoría informática y de comunicaciones


We offer consultancy services of Informatics  and communications, with the objective of the best development of the procedures of the companies supporting on the use of the software tools, as well as avaliable software or new developments.  

Company´s Solutions

We offer personalized solutions to any kind of companies.

To finish the analisys and consultancy process, we develop and introduce software application´s, which improve the procedures and the rentabilitie of the company using the computing and comunications.

asesoramiento informático



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